My name is Caity and I'm the creator behind Alloy Bazaar. I have been locally designing jewelry in Greensboro, NC for about 3 years now. Ever since I can remember I have always had a desire to create. Throughout my life I have delved into different forms of art and finally discovered my passion in designing jewelry and mobiles. I was hesitant to work with resin but with enough research in safety, I came to love the material. Resin encases other materials and preserves it, giving it a different life than expected.

I create jewelry as art - jewelry to inspire the wearer. Drawing inspiration from the textures, shapes and contrasts of the natural world, Alloy Bazaar designs are created using natural materials such as wood and metal in new and surprising ways.

Every piece of jewelry is designed and hand-fabricated by me, in my Greensboro studio space, with love and intention.

I create for those who follow their own path.